Tea Emporium under new Ownership


After eight wonderful years Linda and I have sold the "Tea Emporium". The new owner will take over on April 1st., 2018.

We have accomplished alot operating as a social enterprise. The little tea shop help fund numerous projects in Honduras clean water, reforestation and lately food gardens to name a few. I will be continuing in my efforts along with others to support the development of food gardens in Honduras. This was only possible by getting the support from all the people who shopped at the Tea Emporium. To you all a very gracious THANK YOU.

We had a number of customers for whom we did special orders. If you have difficulties in that aspect email from this site and I will try to help out.

This site will be transformed over time to reflect the "Food Garden" projects and our continuing fund raising efforts.

We have been selling coffee (whole sale) as a fund raiser and we will continue to do that- there is a ten pound minimum. The new owners have indicated that they would consider still selling the coffee. Should that change email me and I will redirect you to another retail outlet.

It was a real pleasure getting to know all of the customers of the Tea Emporium and we wish you all the best. Please feel free to keep in touch and follow our continung efforts with our Rotary Projects in Honduras.


Darrell and Linda